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for Lisa McPike Smith's Art

*Lonestar Workshop                                      On the Square in Lockhart, TX  *San Marcos Art Center                                   On the Square, San Marcos, TX  *Brieger Pottery                                                 On the Square, Blanco, TX

*Wake the Dead coffee house                           1432 Ranch Rd. 12, San Marcos, TX

*Patio Dolcetto                                            322 Cheatham st, San Marcos, TX

*Sundance Record Lagoon                                         241 NLBJ, San Marcos, TX

*Texas Clayfest in Gruene                           Annual event in October in Gruene, TX

*Look for HEP CAT ARTWORKS on Facebook, Instagram,, or Pinterest

*Contact me at  with a message of how you found me 

 On your quest

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