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My work is made of a variety of ceramic clays including low-fire earthenware,

high-fire stoneware, porcelain, and raku and the appropriate glazes for each.

I recently started constructing assemblage art using antique, excavated, porcelain doll parts from a town in Germany which housed 17 doll factoires from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s. Some of the doll parts had been buried for decades.

I received my BFA in studio art at Texas State University in 1992.

I work in my studio at home and further my education at the Eye of the Dog art center in San Marcos.

I painted tiles for Capco in Colorado for 2 years and continue to make tiles today.

I get great inspiration from the variety of cultures that reside from

Austin to San Antonio, the coast, the hill country and the piney woods of Texas.

I find it rewarding to work around those who have a similar goal, to bring their visions to others through their art.

My work is really PLAY and my medium has a powerful healing affect on me. My hope is that my finished work has a powerful affect on the one who holds it.

May it last long.

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